My hair was falling out in clumps for over a year and had got very thin.

I decided to go to the Dr, but they just kept saying ‘its your hormones’.I insisted that I was tested for thyroid problems but that came back clear and out of frustration I ask a hairdresser what to do.

Surprising my hairdresser knew and said I should see a trichologist.

A friend recommended me to Andrea at Hair Hospital and instantly she knew what the problem was. After cutting out yeast products and pro-biotic drinks as well as cutting my hair to shoulder length and changing shampoo my hair is now on the mend and thickening up again. Many thanks Andrea and wish I had went to you earlier!

Helen McC,
Bangor, Co Down.
Nov ’11

I wish to thank E and D of Co Antrim for the following very positive testimony, October 11.  
Hair Hospital has been given parental permission to leave this message “never give up on seeking ethical understanding and supportive care”!

After being with the highest placed City hospital Dermatologists and after many costly visits to a Homeopath, a 6 year old girl came to see Andrea at Hair Hospital.

Her mother was distraught and showed signs of suffering stress related hair loss herself after being mislead, & mis-informed as to how or why her young daughter was suffering hair loss and  when or if she would ever have hair on her scalp again.

The Dermatologist had made a rash diagnosis of Pili torti, without any further medical explaination reportly told the mother “I don’t hold out hope for hair to grow back”….the mother openly cried  her despair when she phoned  me.

Once she conveyed this dermatologist diagnosis , I knew all about this hairshaft disorder, as I trained with in the Affro caribbean society of Brixton for 6 years and had picked up their remedies. Funnily enough I kept telling my tutors that on average we didn’t have as many ethnic people in NI so the lessons would likely be just for theory,  to which their reply was ” information is power and useless information is useful one day”!..

The girl’s mother was shocked to hear my treatment suggestion and the theory behind it. The little girl’s problem was in fact a congenetical hair shaft disorder found only in the children of a white parent and an affro caribbean parent.  I prescribed egg yolk and Manuka honey to stop the hair from severing off at scalp surface, and watched her jaw drop and her head nodding in disbelief.

Upon clinical examination, I am proud to report, that this little girl , is showing improvement.  We have seen and do feel that the established hair growth all over her head is stable and the length is improving (no longer breaking).

P.S. A combination of egg yolk and manuka honey isn’t quite a Trichology treatment, but I take pride that my range of experience allows me to provide my clients with not just medical care but the best care, information and affordable treatments for them.

Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness, it was very refreshing to have somebody with effortless professionalism to take interest and to listen to my hair care needs, especially after rejoicing that fact that I am a remissioned cancer patient with newly grown hair.

Your private and professional service you provided me, far exceeded my expectations and now everyone knows your name here in Plumbridge.

Catherine G.
March ’12

I have known Andrea Close since 1994 and she has been an invaluable comfort to me in treatment of my scaly itchy scalp & chemo induced hair loss.

I would have not coped without her genuine concern and given knowledge to me.
She is someone with exceptional degree of empathy, as she knows how agonising, it can, to resort to a hairpiece.

With no hestitation I called upon Andreas’ honest opinion, hair cutting skills and choosing and wearing the hair piece..
I look upon her now as a good friend.

J Hall, Belfast.
Feb ’12

I have grieved for so long over my hairloss, as every doctor I have met kept telling me, if  I didnt stress about it, so much, it would come back! I then saw an newspaper article mentioning Andreas expertise reading of her unique caring approach and thats when I knew she was a worthwhile person for me.

I openly admit consultation was not easy with Andrea but will never forget her reaching hand while she dipolmatically and courtestly had to tell frankly and honestly my hairloss, was a permanent natured one.

She handled her expert focused, on what could be set into remission of the condition Lichen Planus.

I rely on her, on my very bad days, just to chat and I have never felt for one moment of making a nusisance or wasting her time.

Andrea is so supportive and has great empathy, as I have now resorted to wearing a hairpiece and her clinic setting provides me the comfort and highest of privacy.
I highly recommend Andrea, for her just being her, “a true professional that cares”!

Patricia M Dundonald.
Sept ’11

Consider Andrea, if you want a unbiased opinion… I recently consulted her because I wanted to make my mind up on the options of Propecia verses a hair transplant. She nailed it really, as she was very clear, direct and thoroughly knows her stuff!

She was willing to make sure I got in contact the right surgeon professional too!

R Kirkpatrick.
March ’12

While visiting my sister on holiday, from Perth Australia, my sister gave me a gift voucher to visit Andrea Close, as I have always complained about my confusing itchy scalp with hair loss.

She was better than any doctor as she was able to focus her time with you, giving you the best most direct detail about your scalp and hairloss.

She was truly bonzo, with clear display of her extent of knowledge, and by also giving useful money saving hair care tips.

Pity, she doesnt live closer to me, as I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

K Quasi,  Perth, Australia. 
Dec ’11

Hairdressing disasters are the hardest thing to deal with if not embarrassing.

My local hairdresser had left me to deal with a mess of broken frizzy permed hair and burns to my scalp ….which was really from the perming lotion reacting to my excema patches on my scalp.

Since then, I have been a won over client for all my haircare and scalp condition treatment. I still continue to enjoy her support.

BMcE, Saintfield.
March ’12

I initially learnt of Andrea’s clinic through a website approx 4 years ago and after the intitial consultation which highly surprised me that no doctor or hairdresser could do for the first time was have someone totally care for my hair needs.

I have attended regularly ever since because I very much appreciate the privacy due to the clinics location, to always receive Andreas fullest attention and the benefit of her continual advice.

B.Beattie, North Belfast.
Jan ’12

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