How to, help a Male patterned hair loss guy seek for a Hair loss cure, hair loss treatment or best hair loss treatment.

This is a true accurate report of the use of “Regaine” Minoxidil verses “Propecia” Finasteride under the clinical observation by Hair Hospital with Andrea Close.

When my hair started falling out I was first in denial. I tried looking for hair loss solutions everywhere, but it seemed impossible. What seemed an easy task became an impossible to find a hair loss cure hair loss treatment or best hair loss treatment for male patterned hair loss.

I thought maybe if I ignored my hair falling out it would just “go away” but instead the stress increased and more seemed to shed. I went to the doctor to try and find a good hair loss treatment, but they just told me that it was “natural” and that I couldn’t do anything about it. That made me even more depressed.
Randomly searching on the internet I then read an article from Hair Hospital with Andrea Close and her “how to” seek for a hair loss cure hair loss treatment or best hair loss treatment for male patterned hair loss.

I kept looking for hair loss treatment, but everything seemed to be a gimmicky.

My first thought was Regaine because it is the most marketed hair loss treatment out there, but then I learned that it was for male pattern baldness, and I had frontal baldness…the natural kind. I learned that since I had large amounts of testosterone that was why I was losing my hair. But there MUST be a hair loss treatment!

I kept looking. I actually started to accept that I was going bald because I was getting older and friends of mine were also losing their hair. We would joke with each other about it and curse our lucky friends with hair. Unfortunately no one seemed to have a hair loss treatment that worked.

Hair Loss Treatment – Different Hair Loss Solutions
Hair transplant Plugs
In my quest for a good hair loss treatment I was noticing how other people were dealing with hair loss. A friend of mine showed up one day and had apparently done another form of hair loss treatment; he had gotten plugs. For those of you who don’t know what plugs are, they are a rather drastic form of hair loss treatment. What they involved is having a doctor surgically implant hair into your scalp. He does this hair loss treatment one by one, so it is a process that doesn’t happen over night. Plus it is not a discrete way of doing it because your scalp will have a lot of red dots from this hair loss treatment.


Probably the easiest hair loss treatment is simply shaving off your hair. Nothing is more pathetic then a guy with a bit of hair left combing it over. It just doesn’t look good. You probably have friends that go bald for their hair loss treatment. Some people look really good, some don’t; but trust me, it is much better than a comb over.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment.

The best hair loss treatment advised to me, was to use hypoallergenic shampoo but not the ones that claim to help your hair from falling out “fast” like a racing car.
Like I said, most pharmacy hair loss solutions came across all very gimmicky and all they did was to hit your pocket hard and didn’t really work.
Deep cleansing hypoallergenic shampoos are fairly inexpensive but are really effective as it removes all the oils and the responsible hormone that factually helps waste my hair away.

Trail use of Regaine (active ingredient Minoxidil).

I used this product for a number of months but it wasn’t the ideal hair loss cure as it will not cure, prevent hair loss but will only create a limited period of stimulus to encourage regrowth.
The reason why I stopped use, was that I discovered quite quickly that you can experience some more hair loss within weeks. My mates that used this too found out that if regrowth is achieved by the regain lotion, it had to be kept in use to keep the hair in and if stopped or incorrectly used, the gained hair would fall back out. I wanted to spend my money on something that achieved at least to keep it my hair in so that why I started to look into the worlds most effective drug to stop hair loss is Proscar Propecia (Finesteride is the active ingredient).

This hair loss cure, male hair loss treatment is the most scientific and medically researched product and most known product to tackle male hair loss and give the best achievement of results.

I came across Andrea Close at Hair Hospital by a word of mouth referral. I found her skills are impeccable and her knowledge being very impressive. My consultation was educationally worthwhile as I learnt ethical fact found information, that was narrowed down to provide me the informative choice that tailored me directly to my need of pragmatic and practical support.
So far so good I can report what was best suited in the best hair loss treatment is working for me..