What is it?

Alopecia is the most common and the most dramatic type of hair loss to all ages.  Many people see it simply as ” going bald “. It affects 1.7% of the global population (1 million people in the UK, alone)

Alopecia Areata
An auto immune condition that causes a sudden loss of patches of hair on the scalp and sometimes other parts of the body. It is nonscarring, which means that there is no permanent damage to the hair follicle. Approximately 50 % of people with mild alopecia areata recover within a year; however, most people will experience more than one episode during their lifetime.

Androgenic Alopecia
A genetic/metabolic hair loss, treatments for this condition are specific to the individual.

Cicatrical Alopecia
Trichotillomania (compulsive plucking of hair repetitively), etc. You are not ” going bald “, your hair loss type simply requires a very understanding and unique consultation approach.


What can be done?

I believe patients deserve sensitivity and reassurance as well as complete honesty.

Firstly, I find that my patients benefit greatly from the reduction of psychological stress that a greater understanding of their condition brings. From the panic of feeling they are ” going bald “, a diagnosis of their type of Alopecia, knowing how their hair has been lost (if possible), the significance of their personal hair re-growth cycle, the solid tailored advice I give to them and the treatment suited to their specific condition, lifts their stress and gives direction.

The treatment you require then depends on the cause found of the hair loss.  In many cases,  a high intake of protein in a diet and correct use of shampoo are a good simple start to give the essential nutrients and nurishment to hair but further treatment can be discussed and persued.


Hair loss products can be confusing – some claim to stop you ” going bald ” – many products are suitable for hair thinning but not actual hair loss.
There are very few hair loss products that actually achieve regrowth of hair by use alone.

As Executive Director for Global Alopecia Mission G.A.M. I recommend you view their website to gain further insight – G.A.M. Website


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