I am happy to hear from anyone whose life is affected by hair loss or scalp disorder. Please contact me through this form, we can discuss what’s worrying you, as a Trichologist I can help find the right solution for your specific condition.

Are you worried about your hair or scalp?

“I pride myself being an expert Trichologist who treats and safeguards my clients; and I want to help all hair loss and scalp disorder sufferers.

In my blog I aim to give helpful hair loss hints & tips, to protect you from falliing into the traps of costly false claiming hair loss remedies, from products that cause adverse reactions and any bad advice.

As a qualified scalp & hair expert, help you to best use prescriptions from your GP with provision to you for clinical observation and achieving good worthwhile clincial effectiveness.

Everyone is different and with my years of experience I can advise you on how best to use any claiming hair care/ hairloss product and how to resolve any adverse reactions you may experience from chemical, mechanical hairdressing disasters.

I consider my trouble shooting skill being my unique strength above any one whom may call themselves “a hair consultant” especially with such dedication specialization years from the scientific and co medical worlds.

So please contact me if you need a question answered, my opinion on a product or simply some general advice and I’ll safeguard you as best I can.”


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