Stress related hair loss is known to be the most dramatic and its sudden experience.
however has other recognisable signs:

• Hair root base covered with the skin scales.
• Diffused density loss with no definiate pattern but starts with Temporal loss first.
• Affects up to 50% of head density.
• Cause of hair loss not detected until after loss.
• Itching or soreness of scalp can be experienced.
• Temporary not permanent in nature..
• Females and males can experience this diffuse hairloss condition
• Totally Treatable with a year forecast to recover.
Androgenic female patterned hairloss is known to be the most gradual and slow progressing
however has other recognisable signs:

Hair loss usually not noticed in falling out
A distinct hair loss pattern is formed.
Defined loss happens the hair line and thinning over crown of head.
Hair thinning eventually develops to Permanent hair loss.
Hereditary/ Hormonal related.
Assocated conditions, like Ovarian Cysts can cause this type of hairloss in young women.
Preventable Treatment available but won’t cure it.