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From Passion To Business

Andrea Close started her career as a salon State Registered Hairdresser in 1983 but after obtaining her qualifications her passion led her to take a completely unique approach to hair care. Driven by this passion and an entrepreneurial spirit Andrea dedicated herself to earning London trained qualifications, to become an ethical Scientific Hair Consultant and Therapuetic Scalp Practitioner.

Hair Hospital Ltd proudly made its mark as a niche hair care business in 1993 with a ethos of giving individually tailored educational and informative options to clients about any Hair loss or Scalp concern. Hair Hospital is now respected as “Irelands” best leading and longest established service for Hair loss disorders & Scalp Diseases for men, women and children.

Andrea’s dedication to her specialism is as strong as ever and Hair Hospital continues to strengthen as she actively grows her knowledge through hair and scalp care research of her own and that of the hairdressing industry as a whole.

Andrea has taken the time to become an expert in her field but she is also very aware of how deeply sensitive hair loss or scalp problems are to those who come to her for help, so a warm welcome and understanding awaits everyone who calls her.


Unique to Northern Ireland & Ireland

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Andrea is motivated by a genuine desire to help her clients as she has a deep understanding of the suffering caused by hairloss and scalp disorders, having suffered hair loss herself during her years of study. This is the motivation behind Hair Hospital and the reason Andrea endeavors to reach beyond the treatments offered by others who promote themselves as “hair consultants” by using her skills in Counselling, Diagnosis and Therapuetic Practice with direct honesty, strength of knowledge and sensitive care.

As well as using her well earned experience to treat her clients conditions, Andrea also aims to protect hair loss and scalp disorder sufferers from falliing into the traps of costly false claiming hair loss remedies. Her years of expertise can also help you with any adverse reactions that arise from either prescribed medical preparations or the hair products that can not only hurt the pocket but create more distress.


Sensitive Care for Clients

Andrea is gifted with hair cutting talent which she enjoys using for the benefit of the Alopecian community and her Chemotherapy hair loss patients who require delicate styling and often discretion toward the use of hair pieces that need fine tailoring to fit, styling and continued maintenance. She can be trusted completely to look after those in this vunerable disposition and give them an affordable, high quality hair styling experience.

The Hair Hospital practise is confidential and private and if you should call the help line phone number, Andrea will always take the time to listen to you carefully, for she understands that those dark days, grieving for hair loss can be truly traumatic. There are times when someone simply taking time to listen, to understand, and to help you to find your own way to cope with the sudden and dramatic nature of hair loss, is what you need and with her giving nature and good will Andrea can do this for you.


A True Scientific Hair Expert

A high percentage of clients reach Andrea by word of mouth referral, which is a great encouragement especially when word has crossed to mainland UK, South Africa and as far as Australia.

Referrals have increased from G.P Doctors as their patients report back to them the effectiveness of Andrea’s treatment and as many have relied on her clinical observation in the use of the scalp preparations they have prescribed in the treatment of Psoriasis and Excema Dermatitis.

Hair Transplant surgeons entrust their patients to Hair Hospital. Those patients who require pre-surgery preparation consultation and post operative scalp care (removal of stitches, use of the private hair styling service, product advice).

With such a high level of specialism, Andrea had also been requested to act as an independent legal expert witness for a number of small claim court cases.

Andrea has used her influence and skill to promote awareness of hair loss Alopecia, with conducted interviews for Ulster Television, BBC Radio & for local, national & regional magazines and newspapers. She also dedicates time to public support groups, such as for Alopecia Areata and Chemotherapy cancer patients, Trichotillomania, and Discoid Lupus patients.

women in business Andrea CloseFor her tireless efforts in actively networking and researching within the hairdressing industry Andrea was pleased to be recognised in 2011 nominations for Northern Ireland Women in Business’s Entreprenaurial & Innovation award.

… and just when you think Andrea has no time left, she is involved in promotional of specialised hair care awareness talks given to school career departments and Parent linked organisations, presenting vital factual education for Alopecia awareness.


Innovating better Hair Confidence days

Hair Hospital is constantly improving and evolving to give clients a better service.
• Andrea has an eye for quality, effective results and value for money when it comes to the hair products she recommends, it is an area not to be taken lightly.
Just last year she discovered and will now be supplying an innovation in Keratin Hair Fibre. Revolution Hair Fibre is designed and created from 100% keratin (the substance human hair is created from) to be as close to your real hair as possible. This Hair Fibre from the USA will give a real boost to your hair confidence and she believes that “this is a hair loss product that can improve the lives of people suffering from hair thinning” – find out more about Revolution Hair Fibre.

• An incredibly proud moment for AndreaGAM Ireland Andrea Close
This year she happily agreed to represent Ireland, as the Executive Director for Global Alopecia Mission G.A.M. She has made a promise to endeavour to act on behalf of all Alopecia patients and for the strong united Global Alopecia Mission team, in calling for an improved level of Scientific, medical & alternative research into a cure for all variant immunological types of Alopecia.


Here to Help

Hair and scalp problems are personal and Andrea wants to help anyone suffering their effects so please:

– Like Hair Hosptial on Facebook –

– Leave her a comment within the well known Facebook group page ” Dr Wat hair” where anyone can ask about haircare or hair products. –

– Ask Andrea a direct question on the “How To’s” page – Discuss Hair Loss Issues Here

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