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hair hospital, expert hair loss help, trichologist, belfast

A Friendly, Honest & Direct Specialist

The Hair Hospital is the practice run by Trichologist, & Hair and Scalp Care expert Andrea Close.

“I’m dedicated to helping anyone suffering with hair loss and hair confidence issues resulting from Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Scalp Disease, Stress, Menopause and other medical conditions. In complete confidence I’ll look after you with advice, practical treatment and reassurance.”  Andrea

What Hair Hospital Does…

hair hospital, expert hair loss solutions northern irelandHAIR LOSS DIAGNOSIS & SOLUTIONS

I provide a careful diagnosis, solid advice and solutions such as therapuetic emollients, scalp steaming, herbal lotions. Read more >

 hair hospital, hair care northern irelandEXPERT

Remedies spanning the Trichological, medical prescription or commercial pharmacy fields, following clinical observation and my years of general experience. Read more >

hair hospital, scalp massage northern irelandSCALP MASSAGE & TREATMENTS

Scalp massage creates better circulation and lympnode drainage from heavy toxin fluid build up. Read more >

hair hospital, hair transplant advice northern irelandPRE/POST TRANSPLANT ADVICE

I am referred many clients in need of pre-operative and post-operative assistance in regard to their hair transplant procedures. Read more >

hair revolution fibresHAIR REVOLUTION PRODUCTS

Organic, immediate, undetectable and hypoallergenic – Hair Revolution fibres are quality Keratin Hair Fibres to replace areas of Hair Loss and thicken hair overall. Read more >

hair hospital, hair piece styling northern irelandHAIRPIECE MAINTENANCE & STYLING

Expert help and tips selecting your hairpiece, styling and maintenance. Read more >

hair hospital, hair loss safeguard & protectYour Safeguard

• Diagnose • Advise • Prevent • Educate • Support
I believe clients deserve to know what their condition is, how it may affect them and what they can do to best cope with their current situation while protecting them from any potential costly mistakes and helping them to choose effective and affordable treatments.

Interested in an Instant Hair Thickening System?

Due to the distress and need of a number of my patients I have searched for the best hair replacement fibre system. This year I finally discovered the hair fibre I am willing to put my belief in – I now whole heartedly recommend The Revolution Hair Fibre System.

The Revolution hair fibres are special because they are made from real keratin as close to your own hair as possible, for this reason it is organic, hypoallergenic and gives the natural reflective sheen of the rest of your hair. It comes in a wide range of colours from black to auburn to suit anyone and gives an immediate hair thickening effect. Secured in place with the Revolution Hold Spray the hair fibres withstand wind, rain and sweat until you shampoo it out.

Shop My Revolution Hair Fibres Collection

hair hospital, revolution hair fibers
Revolution Hair Fibres
Instant hair loss solution, available in various natural shades.
revolution hair fibers holding mist
Revolution Hair Fibre Hold Mist
Secures hair fibre for full confidence until your next shampoo
hair hospital, Revolution Hair Fiber & Mist Syatems
Revolution Hair Fibres & Holding Mist Package
2 Hair Fibre pots available in various natural shades, great value.
hair hospital, Revolution Hair Fiber & Mist Syatems
2 Revolution Hair Fibre Pots & FREE Holding Mist Package
Hair Fibres available in various natural shades, plus a FREE holding mist.

hair hospital, shop hair fibers

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